Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Murmuration....

Sitting at my desk I noticed pink clouds behind the trees.  Could there really be a pink sunset after all the rain?  Moving to the front of the house which faces west I saw indeed banks of pink clouds and under them a small flock of starlings swirling around.  Another few joined them and as I stood in our bay window I watched with delight more small flocks appearing over the roof tops until the 12 became 20, then 50 and finally approximately 200 birds swirling and swooping, dividing and joining and apparently enjoying themselves as much as I was watching them.  O.K. it was not as spectacular as the huge flocks seen around the country but it was happening right above a short cul-de-sac in Alnwick, outside my window and against a sky that seemed to promise a bit of sunshine tomorrow.  Brilliant!  I wonder where they're roosting?'

Mora J Rolley.


  1. Hi Mora, I saw 700+ Starlings going to roost in conifers behind the Alnwick launderette yesterday, view from Morrisons or the bus station...

  2. Nice detail Mora. But where are your Laurie Campbell-style photographs of the event?