Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Good Hare Day...

When you are a bad bird watcher like me it's really good to spend time with good bird watchers and this is what I do most Tuesday mornings.  

I believe it's the birds we enjoy just as much as the pub lunch afterwards.  

Wanting to contribute something useful we are taking part in the BTO Winter Thrush survey and our patch is near Newstead Farm.  This week we enjoyed two large flocks of Fieldfare accompanied by a few Redwings as well other farmland birds.  Last year in the same area we saw a flock of approximately 50 Yellowhammers and there has been no sign of any this year.  However, I think the best sightings were of possibly 8 Brown Hares.  Each romped across the fields so we may have seen a very energetic individual more than once but they do lift the spirits on a grey day.

Mora J Rolley

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  1. Oh, it's the pub lunch that's the attraction is it?!