Sunday, 10 January 2016

Back blogging

A change of PC meant that Google ceased to recognise me as an author on our Blog - but Stew has now sorted me out.  It explains why some of these comments are rather out of date.

Away for Christmas, but coming home on 27th we stopped the car right on top of Bilsmoor, (immediately north of Elsdon) to admire a Short-eared Owl that was sitting on a road-side fence post.  It all seemed a bit bleak up there for the bird not to have retreated closer to the coast.

Then on 28th we were treated to a big flock of Lapwing circling overhead at Low Hedgeley - our estimate was 400/500.  There was plenty of variety on the main pond, including 12 Gadwall and six Goldeneye.  Two Dippers chased each other up the river towards the road bridge.

On 29th we had our first, and so far only, bird table Brambling of the winter.

Finally on Friday this week a quick visit to Buston Links with the tide coming in gave us the biggest flock of Sanderling we've seen for a long time.  We counted 85 birds strung out along the strand line, plus a dozen or so Ringed Plover.

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