Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Spring and autumn all in one day

Tuesday 10th November was again spent in the Red Row area, looking at the Chevington Burn.  Bay willow catkins (see below) were starting to burst on trees in sheltered spots with an air temperature of 18oC!

A Red admiral butterfly was seen on the edge of an oilseed rape field.  What looked like Opposite-leaved pondweed was found in a very murky ditch along with newly hatched Sticklebacks.

A visit to Cresswell Pool eventually produced the Long-billed dowitcher - it acted like a hyper-active dark Snipe!  There was also a small party of 8 Twite at the north end of the site.

What appeared to be Brown long-eared bats were hunting under street lamps on the outskirts of Alnwick.  A Barn owl as hunting alongside the A697 close to Glanton.

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