Thursday, 9 April 2015

Where are all the swallows......?

The temperature is in the early 20's and the sun is shining - Peacock and Small tortoiseshell butterflies are almost everywhere and queen bumblebees of at least four species are energetically going about their business.  But to-date I have only seen three migrant bird species; Chiffchaff, Sand martin and Sandwich tern.  You would think that this great weather would have been an impetus for an influx of migrants.

Looking back in my diaries, Swallows are normally in the County by by the first week of April and one of my earliest was on the 31st March in Glanton, a few years ago.  Even species such as Blackcaps have yet to start singing with their normal gusto.  Let's hope that the weather has just been as kind to our migrant, on their passage north, as it has to us.

A flock of at least 22 Sand martins on the Wooler Water, today, suggests that other migrants may be on their way!  There were also 3 Lesser redpolls displaying and a singing Dipper.

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  1. I think youve jumped the gun George. My Swallow date is a day or two either side of the 15th, though I have had one on 30th March, but that was a fluke. Its just odds and sods until then :)