Thursday, 24 April 2014


On the evening of 23rd April we decided to set up our moth trap in in the garden, the weather was mild and humid, perfect we thought, however the moths had other ideas. There were a few about but not in great numbers, mainly Common Quakers of which we had 5, others included, Hebrew Character, Water Carpet, Twenty Plume Moth, Diamond Back Moth, Powdered Quaker and a rather energetic member of the Agonopterix family. However the best moth typically wasn't caught in the trap , a stunning Herald moth which had been attracted to the light but had decided to rest on the window glass, a first for our garden and a real bonus, just like Christmas and Birthdays you are always surprised at what turns up. 


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  1. Over the years we've tended to see Heralds in the garage where (presumably) they have been hibernating. I've not kept score, but our total must be about five.