Saturday, 2 November 2013

Grisly goings on at Budle....

Sorry I haven't been blogging for some time but I had an interesting visit to  Budle Bay on Tuesday. 

There were hundreds of Barnacle Geese and many waders,  but I spent a long time watching a Great black-backed Gull, two Crows and a Buzzard and an unidentifiable corpse.  

When I first saw the latter, the gull was enjoying a meal with the crows hanging around.  When I next looked a Buzzard had arrived on the scene and had the corpse in his grasp while the gull had moved off and the  crows were attacking the Buzzard, who was not amused.  

It tried to fly off, but perhaps the corpse was too heavy for him as he'd just manage to flutter a short way before landing to be again buzzed by the crows.  This went on for some time before the Buzzard gave up and went to sulk on a rock while the crows pecked at the body.  

When I eventually had to leave, the gull had moved in again while the crows and Buzzard had flown off.  Maybe he had more patience than the others. Gulls do seem to hang around a lot of the time... 

Mora Rolley, Alnwick.

Another Great Black backed Gull eating carrion, this time a Hare - Howick ( S.Sexton)

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